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2204 Whitesburg SW, Suite 220, Huntsville, AL. 35801
2204 Whitesburg SW, Suite 220, Huntsville, AL. 35801

Program Support

We recognize the most important asset in any business is highly competent professionals with the skills, knowledge and abilities that provide solutions to address customers’ needs. TMT Group is dedicated to solving critical missions with responsive leadership, effective strategy, relevant resources, and cost efficiency.

1. Strategic K20 Education Program Planning

TMT Group is recognized by our clients as an industry leader in providing Educational Program Planning for our customers that need a comprehensive, diverse, and innovative approach that includes development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of education programs targeted to advance research and engage students and faculty at all levels.

2. STEM Education Program Management 

TMT Group develops and implements Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) strategies to facilitate the progression of current educational programs and shape new ones that employ summer enrichment programs that are specifically tailored to provide a more comprehensive, hands-on opportunity for students and faculty to experience first-hand various Department of Defense mission areas. We customize programs for organizations whose missions and functions are specialized through Pilot programs in order to meet organizations that have limited outreach capability, or experience. Once established we measure and monitor progress of all of the educational program activities from recruiting, selection, on-boarding, tracking and program completion. Our network extends from the government, academia and industry through career fairs, and professional society associations.

3. Technical Assistance and Outreach  

TMT Group has subject matter experts in organizational program planning, policy development, process improvement, business model assessment, and change management. Our Team includes trained senior policy developers, educators, human resource and workforce development professionals, and program managers with experience within DOD, other federal agencies. We support all program phases that include concept development, SWAT Analysis, advisory group establishment, proposals, promotion, marketing, networking, procurement and contracting. TMT Group helps our clients develop concepts and then implement them across the business enterprise.

4. Training and Conference Support 

As technological innovations occur, a well-trained workforce is needed to use that technology and stay current in order to address future requirements and a changing workforce climate. TMT Group’s services include conducting technical workshops, conferences, seminars and symposiums that meet every need from senior leaders to entry level associates. We use professional trainers, panel members from renowned organizations, consultants and subject matter experts with experience working with federal government, industry and academic institutions. We provide turn-key support that covers all programmatic and logical requirements.