Knowing…The capability of off-platform testing has evolved over the past two decades. With weapon systems becoming more efficient and self-sufficient with the use of on-platform testing (diagnostics and prognostics), our customers recognize that legacy systems need sustainment until transitioning that capability to the next generation systems. This requires preplanning and minimizing delays in the support of the various aviation and missile weapons platforms at all locations within the U.S. and around the globe.

Need…Technical expertise with legacy and next generation off-platform testing, specifically, Automated Test Equipment/ Test Program Sets (ATE/TPS) providing direct support for Life-Cycle Engineering and Technical expertise of Weapon Systems Diagnostic, Prognostic, and Health Management Systems.

Action… TMT Group put together a team comprised of both hardware/software engineers and technicians with four decades of experience with both Army and Navy ATE systems and weapons platforms. TMT Group provides the AMCOM ATE/TPS Center with Hardware/Software Design and Integration, Field Failure Review, Analysis and Resolution, Obsolescence Mitigation and Redesign, Reverse Engineering, Prototype and Low Rate Initial Production Fabrication. With these skills, the lifecycle of weapons platforms and the test and repair capabilities in support of the weapons systems are extended, reducing cost while maintaining a high level of readiness.