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    Knowing…The capability of off-platform testing has evolved over the past two decades. With weapon systems becoming more efficient and self-sufficient with the use of on-platform testing (diagnostics and prognostics), our customers recognize that legacy systems need sustainment until transitioning that capability to the next generation systems.
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  • IFTE


    Knowing… While legacy weapon systems remain active in the U.S. Army’s inventory, the need to provide test capability for off-platform requirements remains relevant. Currently, the Army uses the Integrated Family of Test Equipment. IFTE is a series of test equipment used for off-platform testing on electronic and electro-optical weapons devices.
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    Knowing… As the U.S. Army stays current with testers used for test and support of electronic and electro-optic weapons devices such as missile systems, vehicles and aircraft, the Next Generation Automatic Test System (NGATS) is in the U.S. Army's Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE) product line.
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  • MSD


    Knowing…When performing maintenance on Tactical Wheeled Vehicles, the soldier was required to carry a cumbersome (36lbs) transit case containing numerous cables and adapters to the vehicle on which they were working on.
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