Knowing…Understanding what the customer needs is only part of the solution, delivering success requires both an understanding and an ability to provide services that meets or exceeds expectations. The Department of the Navy’s (DoN) science and technology (S&T) provider, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) provides S&T solutions for Navy and Marine Corps needs. Their missions is to plan, foster, and encourage scientific research in recognition of its importance as related to the maintenance of future naval power, preservation of national security and to manage the Navy’s basic, applied, and advanced research to foster transition from science and technology to higher levels of research, development, test, and evaluation.

Need…Knowledge, concepts, and prototypes that lead to products and build a cadre of scientists, engineers, and researchers focused on naval issues and challenges. Without this pipeline, the United States would be at risk of losing its naval technological advantage. ONR is dedicated to developing the S&T workforce the United States needs to maintain its technological superiority. More than half of ONR’s Basic Research funding goes to university programs.

Action…TMT Group’s senior executives and more than three decades of experience working with academia, were able to demonstrate our superior capability to assist ONR in executing vital programs and supporting ONR’s commitment to excellence in science and technology, as well as, meeting demands to reach out and encourage university professors, including those from Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Institutions (HBCU/MI) and underrepresented groups, to participate in research at Navy research and development laboratories as a part of the Naval Research Enterprise and strategic plan. TMT Group manages ONR’s PhD Fellowship program in 37 Navy laboratories through the Summer Faculty Research Program and Sabbatical Leave Program, Naval Science Awards Program, and the Future Scientist and Engineering Pilot Program.