Knowing… While legacy weapon systems remain active in the U.S. Army’s inventory, the need to provide test capability for off-platform requirements remains relevant. Currently, the Army uses the Integrated Family of Test Equipment. IFTE is a series of test equipment used for off-platform testing on electronic and electro-optical weapons devices. These testers and the test program sets that run on them are becoming increasing hard to sustain and maintain.

Need…Non-reoccurring engineering, obsolesces management, and replace and repair capabilities to sustain legacy systems and test program sets to support four main product lines: Base Shop Test Facility (BSTF), Commercial Equivalent Equipment (CEE), Electro-Optic Test System (EOTF) and the Electronic Equipment Test Facility (EETF).

Action…TMT Group’s team of engineers provides hardware and software engineering and sustainment of TPSs at the Line Replaceable Units (LRU) (boxes) and Shop Replaceable Units (SRU) (circuit cards) as needed from the field and depots. We work through the Quality Deficiency Reporting (QDR) system to receive status on system failure and requirements. We have reduced operator intervention and overall TPS test run-time utilizing entry points that can be accessed directly by the operator to quickly validate the fault/repair. We also modified TPSs to utilize the Unit Under Test (UUT) Built-in-Test (BIT) output results to “guide” the TPS to a localized set of tests, reducing the run time to failure identification.