Knowing…When performing maintenance on Tactical Wheeled Vehicles, the soldier was required to carry a cumbersome (36lbs) transit case containing numerous cables and adapters to the vehicle on which they were working. The large bulky cables must then be connected between a ruggedized laptop computer and the vehicle. Today the need for on-platform testing has increased as the Warfighters look for systems that are self-repairing, smaller, lighter, efficient, and cost effective. With new developments, systems are becoming more reliant on secure wireless technology, but with increase threats on cyber-security.

Need…Sustain the current Maintenance Support Device (MSD) capability in accordance with established Information Assurance requirements and provide technical and operational assistance to the MSD users, identify actions required to resolve reported issues with MSD software and/or operating environment, execute corrective actions, and report activities and status. Develop the next generation of MSD capability.

Action… TMT Group’s expertise in supporting both current and future MSD applications stems from our understanding of the technology and the information assurance requirement to protect it. Our technical team capabilities come with specialized certifications and experience in software development, systems administration, and network security. Our Information Technology professionals maintain Advanced Information Technology levels (AIT) Level I certification, to include both the CompTIA Security + and the CompTIA A+ certifications in accordance with information assurance best business practice and information assurance training and certification required by DoD.