Knowing… As the U.S. Army stays current with testers used for test and support of electronic and electro-optic weapons devices such as missile systems, vehicles and aircraft, the Next Generation Automatic Test System (NGATS) is in the U.S. Army's Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE) product line. The Next Generation Automatic Test System is designed to address the increased issue of obsolescence in currently fielded test equipment. The NGATS planning is to reduce the fielded footprint and increase the Warfighter’s capability while maintaining the ability to support the current and future force using existing Test Program Sets.

Need…Develop and sustain a compliant system with the Joint Service NxTest Architecture, providing for vertically integrated testing structures between all levels of maintenance, increase maintenance mobility and deployability, reduce logistics footprint, and support the U.S. Army Future Force.

Action…TMT Group’s specialized engineers and technicians designed and developed Test Program Sets for nearly 3 decades. Having supported the legacy IFTE TPS, TMT Group has been designing both hardware and software to re-hosting former TPSs to the Next Generation Automated Test Systems. Our team has identified and resolved problems with the run time and test executive used for TPS re-host to NGATS. We’ve designed and integrated Universal Interface Test Adapter (UITA) to capture legacy IFTE TPS adapters, load boxes and cables for use with the NGATS, incorporating the CTI IEEE-P1505 for common standard pin map for the physical mating of the interface device to the automatic tester, reducing TPS migration cost and schedule. TMT Group continues to support the evaluation and implementation of synthetic instrumentation to accommodate new measurement applications.