Knowing… The Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity ODMEO is a policy office within the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and is tasked to develop policies and plans, issue guidance, conduct analyses, define strategic direction, and provide oversight and evaluation for Department-wide equal opportunity, equal employment opportunity, and diversity programs and plans that impact all Department military and civilian personnel.

Need…One major focus of ODMEO is maximizing its reach within and throughout minority communities and ensure information and awareness of DoD opportunities in areas such as employment, internships, contracts, grants, scholarships, research and development programs, as well as other programs related to increasing minority and minority institution presence in the Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics pipeline return on investment programs, and DoD workforce development.

Action…TMT Group, with our exceptional experience and broad network, assisted ODMEO in establishing collaborative relationships and coordinating with specified minority affinity groups, institutions, DoD and federal and non-federal agency professionals to achieve objectives and goals. We developed action plans and strategies related to technical support and information services to support the following DoD objectives:

  • Identify ways to develop and foster the recruitment, career development, and advancement of Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) in the DoD and the Federal Government;
  • Identify high-priority action items for which measurable progress may be achieved within 2 years to improve the opportunity, fiscal stability and well-being of MSI, and support implementation of those action items;
  • Recommend opportunities to increase public-sector, private-sector, and community involvement in improving the opportunity, fiscal stability and well-being of MSI;
  • Recommend strategies on data-collection, and analysis on MSI populations and subpopulations, including research and data on barriers to education, employment and other economic indicators of MSI community wellbeing; and
  • Solicit input from MSI communities on ways to increase and improve opportunities for participation in federal programs